Stay On Track With Your Goals: Create a Timeline for Action

Dear Goal Setter!

Do you often set goals, only to abandon them later? I used to have that problem, too, but I’ve found something that helps keep me motivated by providing me with instant successes on long-term goals.

Here is my simple plan for setting goals, staying on track and continuing to move forward:

  1. Start by setting your goal. A goal is really just a dream with a due date, so be sure to include a deadline for achieving it.
  2. Now, with your end goal in mind, write down the smaller tasks need to be done in order to achieve your big goal.
  3. Create a timeline by adding due dates to each task you need to complete.

By breaking your Big Goal into these Small Action Steps, you’ll experience instant success along the way, as you reach each small achievement by deadline.

Here’s an example:

  1. Big Goal – Start a new business
  2. Small steps may include :
  • Attend networking event
  • Register business name
  • Start social media

The timeline will include the deadlines for completing each small step along your way to goal setting success.

Want to learn more?  My next blog post shows you a trick I learned to use roadblocks as a learning and growth tool.

I also have a new program on the way. I’ve been hesitant about announcing it  because I’m ultra-focused on so many personal goals right now, I wanted to make sure I had the time availabl to pull it off.  You may be happy to hear that due to high demand, I am putting together a program that will show you

  • how to identify and eliminate goal killers,
  • maximize your strengths and weaknesses,
  • create your customized lifestyle plan,
  • and create a system for goal setting success.

Here is a look at what people said about my last event!

“OMG…I just attended the BEST Goal Setting session ever!! I literally mean – EVER! A group of women were on Facebook, collaborating, planning, and encouraging one another….” D.M.

“Just a WONDERFUL time! Everybody should have been there!! LaKetria Cornelious is a phenomenal motivator and facilitator. Such an inspiration!” E.T.

I don’t have all of the details ready at this time, but here’s a sneak peak for Ultimate Goal Setting Success.

Stay tuned for my next blog post on How to Use Roadblocks As A Springboard For Growth & Learning!

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