3 Ways to Producing More by Getting Organized

Organizing for Success

Entrepreneurs are always busy doing something.  If you aren’t in the office designing new products and services, you’re out winning new business.  If you truly want to produce more in business, organization is key.  An organized mind is a focused mind.  When your desk, office, and schedule are in order, your mind is free to create new ideas to increase your business.

Here are three ways you can organize for success:

  1. Schedule Your Day.  Decide what time you will start and stop work each day.  Defining your work schedule will help you stay focused on the day and tasks ahead.  If you work from home, remember to post your work schedule where everyone can see it to help eliminate distractions.
  1. Plan Ahead. Make a list every night of what needs to be accomplished at the office when you return.  Prioritizing your list by due dates makes it easier to determine where your attention should be right now.
  1. Survey Your Surroundings.  Clear your work area of any distractions and surround yourself with tools that will help you complete the task at hand. Gather everything you need before sitting down: grab your special pens or markers, open your “Get it Moving” playlist, and turn on the coffee pot if needed.

Have you uncovered any new tips or tools that are helping you produce more?  Please share your comments below.  I’m always looking for new ways to increase my productivity!

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