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Want to Quit Your Job & Start a Business?

Want to Quit Your Job & Start a Business?

Dear Business Owner:

Are you serious about quitting your job and starting a business this year?

You have probably asked yourself that question a hundred if not a thousand times as you sat at your desk wondering if there really was a better way. No doubt you have considered walking into your supervisors office and telling him where he can take this job and shove it if he talks down to you one more time – as if you were a pre-schooler who hadn’t quite learned how to follow basic instructions.

What if I told you that it is possible to turn your dream into a profitable income?

What if I told you with the right system, the right strategies and the right support system your vision to become your own boss is possible?

I bet you are thinking right now… ‘Yeah right, LaKetria, I’ve heard that story before. But what is it going to cost me?’

My question to you would be what is it costing you NOT to pursue your dream?

Are you missing out on precious time with your family because you had to stay at work late or couldn’t take the time off to make it to an early afternoon recital at your child’s school?

What about the stress you’ve been dealing with that may result in high blood pressure or a few extra pounds because those candy bars (or in my case Red Vines) taste so good when your stress level rises?

Or what is the cost to your potential customers? Are they stuck receiving low level service or no service at all because they’re waiting on you to turn your idea into a product or service that will help transform their lives.

What if I told you it would cost you less than $100? Would that grab your attention?

If you are serious about quitting your job and starting a business, I want to help!

For the past 15 years I’ve been starting business after business (6 to be exact) in hopes of quitting my job for good and working the business full time. There were some times when I thought to just give up and ‘work’ for a living so that I could have the ‘security’ my friends and family said I needed. I quit three jobs before I finally figured it out. Each time I had to go back to work I was devastated. I felt defeated. But I didn’t give up. I knew I was on a mission that was greater than me.

Would you agree that your vision, your dream isn’t really for you? The dream you hold deep down inside is so that someone else can change their life with the information, knowledge and expertise you are holding on to.

While researching and developing different business models and markets I discovered seven steps that must be taken before launching a profitable  business and sought after brand. And I want to share it with you!

Learn what it takes to finally fire your boss and turn your passion into an income.

In this 5-Week How to Quit Your Job and Start a Business Incubator you will learn the same secrets I used to create a business I loved while working at a job I hated. You will able to take your idea from maybe I can do this one day to there’s nothing that can stop me from doing this NOW.

“LaKetria gave me direction and information on starting my own business. I have been out of Corporate America for over 4 years now and loving it. I have the freedom to manage my own time as well as the freedom to live my life to its fullest. I am constantly referring to LaKetria for assistance. You would be surprised at what you can do when you receive knowledge and insight from others.”  Sharon H. – 4 Hearts Realty

For Only $97

How to Quit Your Job and Start a Business Incubator gives you the blueprint to laying a solid foundation early on to ensure long term business success.

Week 1: Defining Your Vision and Your Why

Learn the simple steps you can take right now to begin building a business based on who you want to become and what you really want.

Week 2: Getting Financially Fit to Quit

In this training we’ll discuss the details of getting your finances to a place of comfort and eliminate the fear that comes up when you consider “quitting” your job and giving up your “regular” paycheck.

Week 3: Creating Your Time to Quit Roadmap and Action Plan

This week we’re going to get you on the right path to turning your vision into your daily reality.

Week 4: Developing Your Timeline

The time has come to set the plan in motion. This week it’s about deciding what will be done when and in what order.

Week 5: Assembling Your Dream Team

Now that your vision is clear, you have a solid plan of action and you’re ready to make some bold and exciting moves toward making the vision become a reality, it’s time to get your team ready to make it happen. Week 5 is all about getting the right people on your team to support your vision.

That’s right! Your investment is only $97.

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This system works for any business in any industry catering to any market.

You can use these trainings 1) to build a business centered around creating the lifestyle you want to live, 2) to design products and services your clients will love, and 3) to lay a solid business foundation that allows you to work when you want for who you want doing what you love.

“Thanks again for my session. I learned so much that will really help me on my journey of building up my business. You gave me so many tools to use to market my business. M. Horn – Marlene’s Custom Event Planning

You will receive trainings that are straight-forward, easy to implement and set the atmosphere for a healthy and profitable relationship between you and your business for years to come.

Plan. Organize. Implement.

How to Quit Your Job and Start a Business is about the time and care you take in the beginning to create a blueprint and set a foundation for a company you’ll enjoy giving your all too because you love what you do and who you serve!

My belief is this…. 

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about making money. It’s about doing what you love to change lives – Starting with yours!

Start building the business you love from where you are with what you already have.

“Get ready to be challenged and inspired. The coaching from LaKetria is caring and real. You and your business will not be the same.” Miyoko Taylor, CEO -Taylor Beauty Consulting

It’s Your Life!  You can Dream it, Plan it & Do it just the way you imagined!

In the words of the Famous Walt Disney – “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them!”

 Let’s start now pursuing your dream of becoming your own boss together! 

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BONUS #2: 45-Minute One-on-One coaching session. This session will be scheduled once you’ve completed your incubator sessions. It’s primary purpose is for you to ask any questions and gather information you may need regarding your next steps.
BONUS #3: 15-Minute Accountability call. Your progress and ability to stay motivated and on track once your incubator has ended is crucial to your success. This call is a quick check in so you can report your continued success OR receive inspiration and motivation to keep moving forward.
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